Beep boop, everybody. In case you haven’t met her or simply mistook her for a garbage can from the 23rd century, meet Hazel!

Hazel is a Relay Robot from Savioke designed with a singular purpose:

Bring you stuff during your stay at Hotel Interurban.

She’s here for any items you might need during your stay.

Whether it’s snacks, soda, towels, more shampoo, toothpaste, or anything in between.

Just call the front desk and minutes later Hazel will be at your door with your requested items.

She even knows how to use the elevator by herself.

Something, something, future is now, etc.

Not only that, she’s a bit of a comedian; be sure to ask her to tell a joke when she arrives.

We won’t spoil the punchlines for you.

Who built her?

The easy answer would be Savioke, the Relay Robot company.

But the slightly more complex answer would be: “lots and lots of people!”

Hazel’s software is a modified version of the open source Robot Operating System.

It’s a system using in hundreds of different versions of robots, with contributions from hundreds of different software engineers.

Their goal? Make the best possible operating system we can that’s just for robots.

As you might expect, making robots isn’t exactly easy work!

So why Hazel, of all names?

Excellent question.

The word “Tukwila” itself means “Land of Hazelnuts” in the Duwamish language.

We didn’t know the Seattle Southside had such a bountiful hazelnut harvest, but we’ll roll with it anyway.

So if you see her cruising through the hallways or through the lobby of the hotel, say #HiHazel on Twitter!

It’s a guaranteed retweet from us!